Absolvent Yale a Oxfordu v Sučanoch

Absolvoval najprestížnejšie univerzity na svete. Roky pracoval vo finančnej sfére v New Yorku a Londýne. Absolvent Marián Pavluš (ročník 1992-1996) zavítal na pozvanie Sučany Alumni do Sučian 11.4.2012.

Marián diskutoval so študentmi na tému: 
”Štúdium na amerických vysokých školách a Yale University. Kariéra vo finančnej sfére v New Yorku a Londýne.”

Tu je jeho životopis:
Marian currently works as a transaction manager for a distressed private equity firm Hudson Advisors in London. Prior to Hudson Advisors, he worked for three and a half years as a fixed income credit analyst at Black Diamond Capital Management, a leveraged loans hedge fund in Greenwich, CT, and for one year as a credit associate at Patriarch Partners, a distressed private equity firm in New York. Marian has a total of ten years of experience, having started his career as an investment banking analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston in New York and then as an associate at CRT Capital Group in Stamford, CT. Marian was a student at GBAS Sucany from 1992 to 1996. He then received a BA in Economics cum laude from Yale University and MBA with Distinction from University of Oxford. Marian is also a CFA charterholder.

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